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The Nigeria Implementation Science Alliance (NISA) will be hosting its 5th annual Implementation Science conference September 17th-18th 2019 in Abuja, Nigeria. NISA is a collaborative network of non- governmental organizations, federal and academic institutions, and public health and research personnel in Nigeria. Recently formed in 2015, NISA is committed to generating, identifying, understanding, evaluating and sharing evidence from Implementation Science (IS) projects in Nigeria. The overall goal of NISA is to facilitate the formulation and investigation of critical public health issues in Nigeria, build in country research capacity, sharing the evidence generated for in- country uptake, and inform policy.

The 2019 conference will bring together a mix of researchers, program implementers and policy-makers. NISA is seeking your sponsorship to implement the 5th annual conference. 

NISA’s success would not be possible without the generous support of individuals such as yourself. We thank you for your past contributions and look forward to contributions and collaboration in 2019.

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Program backdrop having NISA logo theme and sponsors, Branding of Shirts, caps, Folders, Hand made/customized conference bags, Writing Materials (pen), Storage device (flash drive-customized with NISA), Conference Banner etc-­ are negotiable.
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