Abuja, Nigeria

First annual NISA  Conference was held in Abuja Nigeria in September of 2015. Its focused on Mother-to-child transmission of HIV. The Conference brought together 150 participants from 43 organizations representing implementing partners, policy makers, and research! NISA as a group published its first manuscript "Identifying and Prioritizing Implementation Barriers, Gaps & Strategies through the Nigeria Implementation Science Alliance: Getting to Zero in the Prevention of Mother-To-Child Transmission of HIV.  


Abuja, Nigeria

The second annual  NISA conference was held in Abuja Nigeria in September of  2016. Conference focused on HIV & AIDS & Related Infections. The conference was attend by 154 participants from 40 different organizations were represented. The manuscript from the conference was submitted and accepted!   


Abuja, Nigeria

NISA 2017: The third annual NISA conference was held in Abuja Nigeria in September of 2017 and focused on improving health through implementation science and research. The conference was well attend by close to 200 participants which represented over 40 different organizations, and executives from top all the agencies not only attended but also participated in a discussion panel. There were over 60 abstracts accepted for poster and/or oral presentation! NISA 2017 to say the least was a huge success and we are excited about what is lined up for 2018! The manuscript is currently being drafted and will be submitted soon!   

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